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Todd's Tennis Takes & More

News from the ATP,WTA stats and the up-and-coming juniors.


Getting vertical, via the classic early 80's old-school 10" X 30" decks...


News from the beach



NFL Awards, Fantasy Football Thoughts...and college chat now and then.

NBA Awards

Recap of the best & worst individual performances, plus game recaps.


Light coverage of MLB

Seedburner on Sports Podcast:

Dec 29, 2017

Episode 1: NBA Awards 12/28/17...NFL MVP Chat...USC/Ohio St. Preview

Slides...What Speedburner on Sports is All About.

Land of Links...A collection of timely sports stories and news from around the web.



last updated - 12/11/13


SportsCity is great website updated daily for the latest stories in the Big 4 Sports - Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey. Below are intersting pieces that accompany the sports world.


Grantland - Sports with a pop-culture twist from Bill Simmons. Thorough analysis and good writing.


Chris Webber a Hall of Famer? - Grantland addresses this interesting question...and FYI - Speedburner says 'Yes'.




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